Laurie Toby Edison


photo from Women En Large photo from Familiar Men photo from Women of Japan

Women En Large

Images of Fat Nudes

“The nude women of Women En Large have a certain majesty, the unabashedness of Henry Moore sculptures. They have escaped. And they ... convince you that clothes, not flesh, are what make fat people look diminished.”

— Tracy Young, Allure

Familiar Men

A Book of Nudes

“Masculinity is far more exquisite and fine than femininity. Women can count on the astounding elasticity they have built into femininity. Only with serious, sustained effort can a woman rupture it. The delicate filigree structure of masculinity, in contrast, splinters at the slightest strain.”

— Jaime Cortez

Women of Japan

The Models’ Words


“I have been rejected by existing specialties, and I have refused to enter such specialties. Stuck between those two spaces, I have continued to engage in my daily work and activities. I thought that by doing so I would eventually find my natural place. But … this seems not to be the case. I feel a disconnect and an incompatibility between myself as a woman and the system that blankets Japanese society.”

— Junko Fuzakawa